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The Best Men’s & Women’s Hair Thinning Treatment in the world wide

Lifetime 100% investment guarantee - the most reassuring hair loss treatment in the world

Hair Choice is different. We are an independent organisation that approaches hair loss treatment unlike any other business. We offer a choice of the very best hair regrowth options designed to solve your problem. We provide a personalised and informed process to find the best proven solution for your situation. We design every treatment to achieve your goals, honestly and transparently. You are in complete control. When it comes to the best men’s and women’s hair replacement in the world - you deserve the Hair Choice.

What causes hair loss?

In its most basic form, Androgenic Alopecia (male/female pattern baldness) is caused by a build-up of testosterone around the hair follicle which then acts to restrict the flow of nutrients to the follicle.

The process occurs in four steps:

  • Testosterone (male and female) converts to DHT by reacting with enzyme 5 alpha reductase
  • DHT then causes the large healthy hair cell to reproduce into a smaller, less active cell
  • The process continues as the hair gets smaller and thinner until it eventually falls out

There is a chance to reverse this process and return the hair back to a full, healthy way up to 5 years after initial hair loss through our hair treatments.

Unlike other men’s hair therapies, our comprehensive Lifetime Guarantee means if your genetic disposition to hair thinning & loss overrides our treatment solutions, you can re-use your initial investment on any other Hair Choice program while you're an active client. We’re that confident that we have the best men’s and women’s hair regrowth solutions.

What makes us different?

  • A lifetime 100% investment guarantee
  • Choice of the latest treatments
  • Transparent pricing and options
  • Independant and impartial advice
  • The integrity to recommend "do nothing"
  • Pay wholesale not retail prices
Before and after From our 100% investment guarantee through to our world leading wholesale programs and "do nothing" option, we are set to change the way people treat their hair loss forever.Whether you need frontal hair loss treatment, total replacement or simply wish to prevent hair loss, turn to Hair Choice for a personalised approach to your individual situation.Book your in-home consultation or on-line consultation Today for an expert discussion with a Hair Coach about your personalised hair loss treatment.
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Our Treatments are the latest technology

We bring the worlds latest and proven hair-loss treatments from all over the world. We are experts in finding the best solution, not just recommending one treatment solution. Our programs include:
    Non-surgical laser treatment designed to get maximum re-growth. FDA Approved.
    Replace your hair through non-surgical methods. Replacement hair is blended with your own to give the appearance of a full head of hair. You won't be able to tell the difference!
    Regrow your hair through leading-edge surgical procedures provided by the world top hair restoration surgeons.
    Relax and stay the way you are. At times we encourage individuals to do nothing, because we're honest and we think it's the best solution for where you're at right now.

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